Ever since the summer of 1975, JAWS took a bite out of Horror history, leaving quite an impression and beachgoers a bit more nervous than before. So here we are, over 40 years later, having celebrated that dangerously hungry great white shark we all know fondly as Bruce. Bruce has been such an iconic monster, that his likeness had to be featured on cool merchandise to please the masses. Apparel, toys, drinkware, artwork and so much more has been released over the years, featuring that awesome great white from JAWS. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable items from the past all the way to items still available in the present.


In 1975, the company Ideal came up with a JAWS game featuring a shark containing various “ocean junk” items that you had to pluck out of his mouth. The point was to use a small plastic hook to slowly take out these random plastic pieces before a frightening SNAP would end the game! Even though the JAWS licensed version of this is no longer available, the same exact game can be found through Ideal, only now it’s called “Sharky’s Diner.”

If Sharky’s Diner isn’t your thing, today we now have a fun take on Yahtzee with an officially licensed Bruce head that you use to mix up and spit out the dice! It makes for a cool conversation piece while playing the game with friends.



JAWS also inspired one of the infamous Collegeville children’s costumes, with a nifty plastic painted mask and Rayon Taffeta costume meant as a one-time use wearable on Halloween night. Vintage boxed Halloween costumes have become a hot commodity over the years, with fans seeking their favorite television and movie characters to proudly display in their collections. The FRIGHT-RAGS JAWS replica brings new life to the classic Collegeville costume. So if you can’t find an original, the new one offers a shirt you can wear outdoors year-round with the collectible mask, box and a bonus prismatic sticker.


The vintage kid mask not your thing? That’s okay! Trick or Treat Studios has executed an amazing Bruce the Shark mask! This thing is so realistic and gnarly, that your friends will be envious at Halloween parties or heck…wear it to a neighbor’s summer pool party!



At one point in time, the only available apparel for JAWS was a shirt created for the film crew, done by artist Joe Alves. This piece of history is highly coveted and a pretty rare find.


Throughout time, many other t-shirts would be released for fans, most of which were simple poster images screen-printed onto shirts. Nowadays there are extremely cool offerings for shirt designs!


To complete the look, Sperry’s shoes have created a line of JAWS shoes for men and women! So not only can you wear JAWS on your chest, you can wear it on your feet!



When it comes to JAWS toys, there were all kinds of nifty and extremely random nicknacks in the past. From squeaky sharks, inflatable sharks, and an overall abundance of water toys…kids had an array of fun to choose from! Over 40 years later and we are STILL getting unique toys with our beloved Bruce, Chief Brody, Quint and Hooper! Funko’s ReAction line brings a vintage spin to a completely new line of products. There’s even a variant of our favorite great white shark devouring Quint in a bloody altercation! Were you one of the lucky ones to grab the 2015 SDCC version?


Food & Beverage

Promotional food items have been wildly popular over the years when it comes to supporting movies. What’s pretty awesome is that sharks have been offered both in 1975 and can be purchased right now in the summer of 2016! 7-11 offered Slurpees in extremely cool vintage plastic cups that featured the iconic poster image on the front and a small blurb about the movie right on the back. Now, 7-11 offers Shark Week stuff that would please any JAWS fan! Shark donuts, shark Slurpee cups (available as fishbowls or cups with a massive bite mark!), fun face mask shark straws and blue-raspberry gummy sharks!



Random Collectibles

If you didn’t feel as though we had seen it all, we now have pins, fancy bottle-openers and even coloring books for adults…to soothe or intensify your feelings toward the open ocean!

So there you have it! A look at both vintage JAWS and overall cool shark items available both past and present. Now go out and start collecting to show your JAWS support! There’s honestly something for everyone, as JAWS has grown with all of us through the decades and been passed on to new generations.