I’ll never forget the feeling of receiving my very own video rental card. It was like having a pass to watch anything I wanted...so long as I could pony up the $2.14 for the two-night rental. By the age of nine, my parents had even signed the back of my card to allow me to rent R rated films so the store clerk wouldn’t have to call them every time I tried checking one out.

This October, we’ve decided to do something special to bring that magic back. Starting on October 1, we will be sending a special Fright-Rags Video membership card with every order. Designed to take you back to a bygone era, this card will transport you back in time when it was kind to rewind. However, it is not just any ordinary card…

We will be sending these with every order placed from October 1 - 31. If your order is placed between those dates, you will receive a card, regardless of when it ships.Each individual card has a unique coupon code on the back, with a discount that will range from 10% - 50% off your next order.* To find out how much you save, just enter the code in at checkout on your next order and the discount will be applied. Also, since every card is unique, the more you order during the month of October, the more discount you will receive for future orders. 

* Each code is unique and good for a discount of either 10%, 25%, or 50%. Coupons expire on February 28, 2017. One card per order.

Fright-Rags Video Membership Cards

Also, below of a picture of some DVDs and Blu-Rays that I no longer have a need for. Instead of selling them, I will be inserting them in random orders, one at a time, throughout the month. So you may just have an extra goodie in your package!