Halloween Lunchbox Shipping Update

Halloween Lunchbox Shipping Update

If you ordered one of our Officially Licensed Halloween Lunchbox Sets — GREAT NEWS! — we finally have a more firm date as to when they are expected to ship! We're so excited to say that all the lunchboxes have left the factory and are currently on the boat and making their way to Fright Rags HQ! According to our shipping company, they will arrive at our warehouse sometime during the second week of March. Therefore, we are planning to START shipping orders the week of MARCH 15!

It may take some time to get every box out the door once we start, but we expect to have all orders shipped by the end of March, or hopefully sooner. I can assure you that once we receive the shipment we will work diligently to ship all orders as soon as possible.

We seriously cannot wait to get these into your hands!


Halloween Lunchbox