Most Horror fans share the same bond of having the same favorite holiday, Halloween. October is a celebrated month, where we all do the ultimate binge of our treasured favorite Horror films, decorate our homes to the max and take in the glorious start to the chilly weather that isn’t too warm or too cold, but just right.

I know most of us enjoy Horror movies year round, checking out the latest in theaters and still pulling out old VHS, laserdisc, DVD and Blu-ray copies of our favorites. However, what can one do to help squelch the need for a Halloween fix?! I’ll list a handful of ways that might help with those Halloween cravings.

Now, you either love these or hate ‘em, but let’s face it...pumpkin spice lattes is a force to be reckoned with. Most people believe it to be sacred to just Fall, but it doesn’t have to be. Now while I have personally fallen in love with Dunkin’ Donuts over recent years, I can’t deny my love for Starbucks’s pumpkin spice latte. Sure, it’s overpriced and you’ve probably heard the acronym “PSL” far more than you’d care to...but hot damn, they are yummy! The awesome thing is that there is a hack to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks year round. All you have to do is order a latte with one pump of chai and one pump of white chocolate mocha. Voila! Your favorite Fall drink has been brought back to life at any time of the year.



To carry on the trend of all things pumpkin, we all know these amazing gourds can only be found in Fall. One of our favorite Halloween traditions, gutting a pumpkin and thinking up the ultimate jack o’ lantern creation! This too is something we do not have to limit to just Halloween. There is the obvious way, to purchase a foam/fake pumpkin to carve a design into...or there’s also watermelons! Watermelons might not have a balanced side to prop up easily, but they make for a cool way to display your cool carvings until our beloved pumpkins return. Zombie Pumpkins even offers several nifty summertime patterns specifically shown on watermelons. Check out Zombie Pumpkins here:



When it isn’t Halloween night, who says we have to limit ourselves to dressing up, Horror movie marathons and creepy cocktails? Hold a wicked fun costume party to share with close friends who share the same appreciation for Halloween. The awesome thing is that you don’t really need a Spirit Halloween Store to be open when coming up with a cool costume. Try and conjure one up out of easy-to-find items in a thrift store. Not only is a homemade costume cheap, but you could possibly end up having one of the best costumes in the bunch.



Last but not least, try out one of the Horror-themed subscription boxes. No, these do not focus solely on Halloween, but they make every month seem like a Halloween Birthday! How cool is it to receive several mystery items focused on Horror delivered right to your door?! What’s awesome is that there are several to choose from: Parcel of Terror (Cryptocurium), Box of Dread, Horror Block, Horror Pack and lastly Big ol Box of Stuff (referred to as BoBoS).

-Parcel of Terror has an awesome array of homemade items like Cthulu plaques, slasher magnets and nifty prints. Don’t let homemade alter your decision, as all of the items put in this box are extremely well made collectibles you will treasure in your collection.
Check out Cryptocurium/Parcel of Terror here:

-Box of Dread is for those who like promotional items that can be difficult to find if you don’t have friends working in a theater. They have also had autographed pictures and exclusive comic books appear in their boxes.
Check out Box of Dread here:

-Horror Block is one of the heavy hitters out there. You are guaranteed a shirt, plus an assortment of goodies, both licensed and exclusives to Horror Block.
Check out Horror Block here:

-Horror Pack is for anyone wanting to expand his/her movie collection. Four Horror movies every month! The DVDs are different from the Blu-rays too, so you can purchase both subscriptions and have eight nifty Horror movies sent to your door every month! What’s surprising is that they manage to find movies I generally don’t already have, which is a plus to people who already go overboard purchasing movies.
Check out Horror Pack here:

-Now as for Big ol Box of Stuff, they have each customer fill out a questionnaire and luckily they have a Horror section! They will send you things that are either brand new, used or vintage but still in package type products. You may receive some things you once saw as a kid and never bought...but now own it from the power of BoBoS!
Check out BoBoS here:



So there you have it, folks! A small handful of ways to shake the long wait before the next Halloween. Hopefully all my fellow Horror fans hang in there with me, as we endure that long eleven month gap between Halloweens.