Joe Bob Briggs Figure & Hats — SOLD OUT!

Joe Bob Briggs Figure & Hats — SOLD OUT!


And just like that... gone. I cannot thank you enough for making our Joe Bob Briggs figure a success! In less than an hour, all 1,000 figures have sold out. Not only that, but our first run of hats have sold out too! I’m truly humbled by the response…

I know a lot of people unfortunately missed out and will have some questions; please read below:

While this first run is already in production, we are considering a second run of figures to meet the overwhelming demand. However, we will be making some changes (packaging, paint scheme, or both) to make it different than this initial run. We do not yet have a time frame as to when the figure will be announced or available, but will post when we finalize the details.

As soon as we announced the JBB figure, the first question most people had was - are you going to do Darcy? The short answer is - it’s a possibility. Now that we know the #MutantFam wants it, we will be looking into the option. We will make sure to post when more details are available.

Yes, we are looking into making more of the MonsterVision and Last Drive-In hats and those should be available in a month or two. I am contacting our factory today and see how quickly we can get them. In the meantime, your best bet is to go to the hat page and click “REQUEST REPRINT”. That way you will automatically be notified when they are back in stock.

Yes, please note that if your order has any of the pre-order items (like the figure), it will ship when it is complete. Unfortunately we cannot split ship, or partially ship orders.

Thank you again for the amazing support. Seriously. I cannot overstate how much you all mean to me and the rest of us here. Long live Joe Bob Briggs and the #MutantFam!