Ho-Ho-How about two mystery tees for $20?

Tomorrow, we will be releasing a very special “Secret Santa” edition of our Tee of Mystery. For $20, you get TWO tees:
- ONE out of print tee
- ONE super duper secret tee that we have NEVER RELEASED BEFORE!*

What is the secret tee? All we can say is that it is NOT holiday related, and it is not based on anything we have released in the past. It’s a brand new tee, and will only ever be featured in this limited batch.

These will be made available at 10am EST, Thursday, December 15 and are EXTREMELY LIMITED.** Limited to 2 per person; ordering more than one will greatly increase your chances of receiving at least one duplicate shirt.

---- FINE PRINT ----
*The super secret mystery tee is in approximately 80% of our bundles. Please know that while the vast majority of our bundles have this shirt, there are a few that do not contain this exclusive tee. However, you will still receive two out-of-print tees.
**Orders are not finalized until the checkout process has completed. We cannot hold items in the shopping cart. Due to the limited nature of this product, your size may sell out during the checkout process.