Growing up, we all fondly remember grabbing our beloved pumpkin pails or pillowcases to run outside, decked out in costumes to yell out “TRICK OR TREAT?!” at the homes of local neighbors. We all had our favorites, as we would sort through and trade amongst friends, devouring all that sugary good stuff.

Fun size candy bars and various sweets have changed over the years. Not only the actual size of what is considered to be “Fun Size,” but the treats themselves are so different to cater to the kids of today.

I myself am a child of the ‘80s, so I got an array of candy from Pop Rocks, Fun Size candy bars (Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfingers), Bubble Gum and random hard candies (Jawbreakers, fireballs and butterscotch). However, I always wonder what type of candies were handed out to our parents and grandparents. The candies of yesteryear that kids would savor back then. Surprisingly, we can relate and still find many of these same treats today. Thankfully, with the power of the internet and some amazing stores…we can get our hands on awesome vintage Halloween goodness.

I'll show you a handful of some of those vintage candies that have stuck around with us through the years that can still be found today!


First on the list is something that has been taken over by the Rice Krispie Treat craze, but can still be found in drugstores every year. This tasty round treat is the popcorn ball and Halloween lovers typically made these available to their party-goers in the ‘50s. However, the very first recipe was published way back when in 1861! Since then they were made a staple in cookbooks, but they have lost their steam in popularity along the way.

One treat that seems to be fading away, but not exactly considered to be candy would have to be wax lips. Such a random little prize to receive on Halloween night, but oh so fun! Wearing them and making silly faces with vampire teeth, huge red lips or even a mustache of wax always completed a perfect night of trick-or-treating. I recall biting into those cherry flavored wax lips after losing interest of their kooky disguise. Cherry was not always the flavor, as the original wax horse teeth were flavored wintergreen. These 20th Century candies have been an on-again off-again sort of treat, but can still be found in limited supply. When you see a box of them, buy a couple to share with children today, so we never see them completely vanish.

Back in the early 1900s, folks were clamoring for cinnamon treats. Red Hots turned up the heat with their tiny round red candies that packed a fiery punch! Originally called "Cinnamon Imperials," these tiny candies were what Atomic Fireballs were to us. Now kids seem to choose sour goodies over the hot variety, but you can still find Red Hots in local supermarkets all over the nation!


Lastly, good ol’ candy corn. We know Halloween is rapidly approaching once these tri-colored candies start hitting store shelves. People either love or hate these things, but one can’t deny appreciating these candies for making it feel like Fall. This Autumn favorite is doing something right, as this candy has been made available since 1898! Crazy to think candy corn has been around for that long, being enjoyed by relatives for well over 100 years!

So even though candy has taken on many forms and flavors through the years, there’s one staple that remains constant and that is the fact we’re never too old to savor some sweets! Our parents would sneak a delicious treat or two out of our Halloween haul and now our generation have become the parents, sneaking into our children’s stashes. It’s a never-ending delicious cycle!