Silent Night Deadly Night Board Game

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Limit 2 Per Person

Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Game
In this officially licensed tabletop game based on the 1984 classic slasher movie, up to 4 players will roll dice to move their characters around the board, collect weapons, draw cards, enter dangerous ‘Kill Zones,’ work around unpredictable obstacles, and strategize together in an effort to stop a maniacal axe-wielding Santa from killing his intended victim… Mother Superior!
- Deluxe double-sided “Naughty & Nice” game board
- Ira’s Toys satin draw-string bag
- 30 game cards
- 16-page Game Guide
- 14 road block chips
- 12 snowballs
- 4 character game pieces
- 3 metal weapons (axe, hammer, bow and arrow)
- 3 dice
- 1 dice shaker
- 1 gold foil “Officer Barnes” Save Badge
- 1 Kill Spinner
- 1 Reminder Card
- 1 Billy’s Path Card
Further instructions on how to play the game can be found at this link
Game designed and developed by Anthony Masi in association with Wonderwheel Entertainment
Illustrations by Justin Osbourn
Layout by Joe Guy Allard