For Women Only...

For Women Only...

I wanted to take a moment to address the lack of girls shirts on our site lately, as many of our recent releases and reprints have not featured those particular sizes. To be brutally honestour girls shirts have never sold all that well. When we added them over a decade ago as a regular item, we’ve struggled with inventory issues. Sometimes, they would sell out and we would increase our print run to meet the demand….only to be sitting on shirts months later that don’t sell. However, when we don’t offer a girls option, the first question we receive iswhere are the girls shirts?

It was a head scratcher, for sure, and I realized we were just not hitting the mark with a large segment of our audience.

So a few months ago, we sent a survey to several hundred of our women customers, asking them questions specifically about the style of “girls” shirts we currently carry. Here are some stats from the survey: 

  • 62% of women bought our guys shirts because they like the fit better
  • 76% of women preferred a fuller cut to the shirt (as opposed to the “misses” style we currently carry)

When asked what they would change to make our girls shirts better, here are some candid responses that reflect the majority of what we received:

“I prefer a more loose fit which is why I often just get guy shirts instead.”
“Make them looser so women with bigger breasts can wear them comfortably”
“I have to order WAY up compared to what I normally wear. I'm typically a Large from most retailers, and I find my most comfortable fit from fright rags has been a 2x.”
“I’m usually a small-medium in regular shirts and I buy large for these.”
“Make a women's cut. Not everyone is petite.”

 When I looked at what we were offering, they were clearly a “girls” or “misses” style cut of shirt rather than a true “womens” shirt. This resulted in women having to order one or more sizes up than they normally would in any other type of shirt, or just order a guys shirt, to best fit them. So we set out to find the best possible shirt that took all of these factors into consideration. After testing several types, and enlisting the help of some of our customers to try out the style and fit, I believe we have finally found a t-shirt that will…well…fit.

The result is a crew shirt that is more true-to-size for women, without being boxy or unflattering. The sizes will range from XS - 2X, and yes, they are made of the same supersoft 4.5oz cotton. Below is a size chart comparison between the current Girls shirts we carry and the Womens shirts we will soon be offering in our store.

The first Womens style shirts will be released with our Army of Darkness collection coming March 7. We are still working on finding all the different color options for this particular style, but all designs on black shirts will be available as a Womens style as well. We have also created a separate category on the website so you can quickly find any women’s shirt on the site. We will be separating these from the Girls shirts, which will be phased out. In the future we hope to offer other styles as well, so let us know what you'd like to see!

Our aim is to make sure our women customers have great shirts that they feel comfy and great in. We believe we are headed in the right direction and I cannot wait for your feedback!

- Ben

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